Will you be the one teaching me?

Yes, Absolutely!


Do you offer a course or one-on-one classes?

I offer individual (=one-on-one) online lessons. :)

I do have a course on Udemy that you also may find useful. Check it out through this link.


Where do your lessons take place?

I typically teach via Skype and Zoom, but other apps are possible, for example, WhatsApp/Viber/FaceTime/Botim, etc. --- as long as we can see & hear each other.

Skype or Zoom are preferable for General English lessons though.


Can you teach me for free?

I'm afraid it's not possible. Gotta pay the bills. :)


Can you teach me offline?

Yes, if you're in DC or Virginia.


Do you offer discounts?


To learn the current available discounts email me at EnglishwithTeacherTina@gmail.com.


Just say "Hi Tina, what discounts are you running at the moment?"


Do you have the same lessons for different students?

NO! Of course, each student has different pace, weaknesses & strengths, interests, things they want to put extra emphasis on, etc., so it simply wouldn't make sense to use the same lesson plans. 

I tailor each lesson to each specific topic & student every single time.


Can I learn English in a month?

I'm afraid you can't, unless you're 99.999% there already. You will not learn English in a month, unless your definition of "learn English" is very different from the traditional one. 


You need time, effort, guidance, patience, & consistency to improve as fast as it's possible. I can help you with guidance, but it's no magic --- you'll have to put in quite a bit of work yourself.

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Shoot me a message to ask any questions you have.

Or maybe to tell me that you're ready to start!