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Will you be the one teaching me? 

Yes, Absolutely!


Do you offer a course or one-on-one classes? 

I offer individual (=one-on-one) online lessons. :)

I do have a course on Udemy that you also may find useful. Check it out through this link.


Where do your lessons take place? 

I typically teach via Skype and Zoom, but other apps are possible, for example, WhatsApp/Viber/FaceTime/Microsoft Teams/Botim, etc. --- as long as we can see & hear each other.

Skype or Zoom are preferable for General English lessons though.


Can you teach me for free? 

I'm afraid it's not possible. Gotta pay the bills. :)


What are your payment & cancellation policies? 


Do you offer discounts? 


To learn the current available discounts email me at


Just say "Hi Tina, what discounts are you running at the moment?"


Do you have the same lessons for all your students? 

NO! Of course, each student has different pace, weaknesses & strengths, interests, things they want to put extra emphasis on, etc., so it simply wouldn't make sense to use the same lesson plans. 

I tailor each lesson to each specific topic & student every single time.


Can I learn English in a month? 

I'm afraid you can't, unless you're 99.999% there already. You will not learn English in a month, unless your definition of "learn English" is very different from the traditional one. 


You need time, effort, guidance, patience, & consistency to improve as fast as it's possible. I can help you with guidance, but it's no magic --- you'll have to put in quite a bit of work yourself.



When is the speaking club?

1pm New York time on Thursdays and 3pm New York time on Fridays


 Do I need to be using a laptop or is phone OK? 

 It's OK to use a phone as long as you can make sure that 

1. other participants can see you (not just your nose or ear, lol)

2. you download the Microsoft Teams app. If you don't have the app, you will only see the person that is speaking, not everyone.


 How much is it and how can I pay? 

 Your first is just $5! You save 75%.

Then, one session is $20 when you pay per session OR

$15 if you pay for 4 ($15 x 4 = $60) - save 25%!


 What level do I need to be to join? 

there’s no specific level that you need to be. You need to be somewhat comfortable speaking. It’s ok to forget words and struggle to think of the better ways to phrase something though.

Come and see if it's right for you!


 How long is each session and how often does it happen? 

Each session is 50 minutes long + 10 minutes of error correction at the end. 

There's a session every Thursday and Friday with rare exceptions.


 How many people are there? 


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