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I'm a professional English Teacher with a Cambridge education and classroom experience in numerous countries.

On this page I'll tell you what kind of teacher and person I am so you can see the bigger picture. I hope this will help you determine whether I'm the right person to become your teacher.

I absolutely adore teaching -- that's why I made a career of it!


I love efficiency, and strive to make my students' progress as fast and seamless as possible.


I view my job as teaching English to my students along with making them more independent learners and explaining how their brain works - so they know the "why" behind most of what we do in class together.



Princeton, USA

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Abu Dhabi, the UAE

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Hong Kong

To continue to be good at what I do, I follow a few basic rules:

1. I constantly improve my techniques by updating my knowledge and experimenting. 

2. I make sure to use the most efficient online tools (like an online whiteboard that combines a dictionary, notes, a rule book, and more), and

3. I try to expand my knowledge on seemingly unrelated subjects to be more of a generalist -- so I can offer not just good teaching but also time spent with a well-rounded person that is interesting to talk to.

Now let's be realistic - learning English is not a race, it's a marathon, so in choosing a teacher you need to find someone that you can tolerate for a while. So let me throw in some super random facts about me outside of the classroom to give you an idea of the kind of person that I am:

1. I love GMOs and non-organic stuff. GMO and conventional veggies and fruits are safe and often more environmentally friendly. 


Did you know that coffee is a pesticide?

2. Coincidences are a lot more prevalent than people seem to believe, which is why I don’t believe in any sort of magical signs.


3. Please give me a sulfate-ful shampoo. I’m not afraid as I believe in #factsnotfear and know that there’s nothing wrong with sulfates. The dose makes the poison.

4. I try not to buy things that market themselves as all-natural. That's fear mongering and implies that there's something wrong with unnatural stuff. Which there isn't! You can find formaldehyde in apples and pears. Boohoo! 

😅 #suomenlinna #helsinki #finland 🇫🇮

Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

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Dubai, the UAE

#AdventureSquad #contest _royalcaribbean

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 


Mestia, Georgia

5. I can’t imagine living for a long time in one place without traveling. Traveling a lot is not a bed of roses either and poses a bunch of challenges, but I’d chose it anytime over staying in one place.


6. I looove reading about behavioral economics, mental biases, how our brain works, medicine, teaching, sex, feminism, choice architecture, and sooooo much more!


7. I don’t actually read, I listen to audiobooks. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do ever!


8. Hiking and camping with my fox and my husband are the perfect ways to spend my days off.


9. I don’t believe in aliens until there’s reasonable proof. UFOs are just that — unidentified flying objects.

10. Psychics and astrologists (not to be confused with astronomers) are con artists. So yeah, you won't hear about my astrological sign!

11. Vaccines are one of the greatest things humans have ever come up with.


12. Ghosts don’t exists since there’s no reliable proof that they do. #dataoverfeelings

13. I've been to every single country in the world.

The last one is not true as of 2022, I've been to around 35 countries so far, but it will be true one day. :)



Seoul, South Korea


Rome, Italy

If I seem like the kind of person you'd like to hang out with, perfect, because I'm also a knowledgeable and experienced teacher - which is the mix you likely want. 

Shoot me an email, an instagram DM or a WhatsApp message and say "Hey Tina, I could use some help with English" or anything else. 

Look forward to your message!

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