I'm a professional English Teacher with a Cambridge education and classroom experience in numerous countries, including

the USA and China.

Outside the classroom I enjoy all things traveling, taking my cute little fox for long hikes in the forest, camping, and cooking whenever I have some free time, be it at home or at a campground.

Let me throw in a few fun facts just so you have an idea of what I'm like:

1.  I try weird foods every time I get a chance (escargot, turtle, snake, etc.). Once I accidentally ate a cockroach, which didn't meet my expectations. :D

2. I am sort of an adrenaline junkie (I've tried bungee jumping, skydiving, some mind-blowing rides at theme parks, etc.).

3. I've been to every single country in the world.


The 3rd one is not true as of 2020, but it will be one day. :)

I absolutely adore teaching -- that's why I made a career of it! I have a great sense of accomplishment every time I have a successful lesson, try a new technique and it pays off, or just see my students improve and become more self-confident and independent -- this is what keeps me going. 

When I went to school I noticed how big an impact the right teacher can have on a student's motivation, and therefore, achievements. This is why not only am I trying to give effective lessons, but I also make sure that there's an element of entertainment that keeps my students engaged.


I use a variety of tools and resources in my teaching to make sure that my students find studying online, as opposed to a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom, both more convenient and productive.


So yeah, if you're thinking of taking lessons with me, be ready to work hard under my guidance, and play boardgames, card games, various conversational games, etc., as a sweet reward. Get ready to change  your attitude from "ahhh it's Monday already?  English again!   :(" to "Can't wait for Monday - that's when my next lesson is! :)"

I hope to share the same excitement for English with YOU, and to give you the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

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Shoot me a message to ask any questions you have.

Or maybe to tell me that you're ready to start!