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Needs Analysis Lesson

This is our first lesson.

We'll have a pleasant conversation about where you want to get through English lessons and how I can help you do it. 

No preparation, no stress, to judgement - it's relaxing and fun, so don't sweat it!

I want to make sure we're the right fit, so your first lesson is just $15. 

I'm offering you a deal because I know you'll come back for more. :D


 $35 per lesson 

VIP General English

During this course you will improve what YOU need to improve. Each lesson is made around YOUR strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

You will

✔️ train your ear and learn to hear the difference between accents,

✔️ improve your reading through learning reading techniques and practice,

✔️ understand how to write in a way that people look at your texts and emails and think you're native

✔️speak fluently and use words, phrases, and phrasal verbs that native speakers ACTUALLY use. 

My goal as a teacher is to help you speak real English (not what you see in old books), and I know exactly how to get there!

Each lesson is 50 minutes.

*minimum 2 lessons per week

 $45 per lesson 

Speaking Lessons

You need to talk? We'll talk.

You find it difficult to put your thoughts together? Practice will help you get better and faster.

You're afraid that native speakers don't speak the way you do? That's OK, I'll give you feedback on what you're doing right, and what can be improved and how.

For you, these lessons are pleasant chit-chats with feedback at the end. 

For me, this is when I help you get practice speaking on many different topics, always analyze how you speak - your pronunciation, grammar, word choice, etc., and prepare to give you feedback that will let you speak clearer, more natural, and more fluent English.

As a result, you will speak better, feel better, and will be more easily understood by people around you.

Each lesson is 50 minutes.

Also, check out my Speaking Club for group practice.

Business English

This is General English designed for a business professional.

If you're looking for the next promotion at work or to improve your English for professional meetings and negotiations, this is perfect for you. 

These lessons are similar to the VIP General English lessons, but have an additional focus on workplace vocabulary and business correspondence.

You will have the knowledge necessary to sound professional, educated, appropriate, and natural.

Each lesson is 50 minutes.

*minimum 2 lessons per week

 $60 per lesson


General & Academic

This course is created to prepare you for the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System).


It's customized to focus on your weaknesses, which means that you'll make faster progress. 

You will get both theoretical and practical knowledge in an efficient manner. We will spend most of the time working on what is challenging for YOU to make sure you can get that desired score!

As a result, if you follow my advice, you will get the result you've been dreaming about.

Each lesson is 50 minutes.

*minimum 2 lessons per week

 $50 per lesson 

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