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Avoid common English-learning mistakes and use smart, effective strategies with my free 12-week email course 

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 It's for you if any of 

 these describe you: 

 ✅ feel stuck 

 ✅ want to save time 

 ✅ want to avoid common mistakes 

 ✅ keep forgetting what you learn 

 ✅ don't want to feel overwhelmed 

 ✅ struggle with finding time for practice 

 ✅ want to make learning less of a chore 

 ✅ need help setting goals 

 ✅ want to learn from others' mistakes 

 ✅ are tired of outdated ineffective learning methods 

 ✅ want science-backed tips 

 ✅ want to know why some strategies work better

 ✅ value learning from someone with real experience and proven results 

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 You get 

 ✅ 1 email per week, for 12 weeks

 ✅ smarter ways to study 

 ✅ clarity on what to do 

 ✅ the understanding of what not to do 

 ✅ the "why" behind more effective strategies 

 ✅ tips to remember anything you learn better and for longer 

 ✅ realistic timelines 

 ✅ tips on how to make learning more fun 

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