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Copy of put on my website - speaking clu

First Speaking Club - $5 

Speaking Club - 

First Session

Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself speaking English fast and easily. Feels good, ha? You can get to this point through practice.

With my Speaking Club you will:
- learn to speak naturally and fluently
- improve your listening skills
- get more confident 
- get feedback from me on some common mistakes that you make (like pronunciation, grammar, word usage, idioms, etc.)
- have fun with like-minded people!

Copy of put on my website - speaking clu

 1 session - $20 

 4  sessions $80 $60 


Speaking Club - 1 & 4 hous

You've tried my speaking club and you know it's right for you? Sweet! Not time for some savings.

By getting 4 sessions you get 25% off - you save $20!

Get practice, get better, and save  - a dream! :

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